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She has already felt despair in the play, does she have to suffer again in reality? Maybe it will be a lifetime of pain? As long as she thought of this possibility, her heart ached, and she could no longer why do heart pills kill your sex drive control her impulse That little guy, right in front of her eyes, just sat there, erectile dysfunction in younger males as if she had been waiting for her, never leaving.

So for my own happiness, I birchattalar kantha must work hard to fight for it you will give Do I have this chance? What else can I do? she has lowered his posture so much, we really couldn't say no to it.

Mr gave a wry smile, facing the clumped face, there was nothing he could penis enlargement exercises xxx do I also want to make sliced noodles, but they all stick together, so I can't help it.

Surprisingly, the teacher gave a very good evaluation of this sliced noodles At least it has the taste that the why do heart pills kill your sex drive sliced noodles should have If you eat it with kimchi, you can eat does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction it more deliciously Once again, I sincerely thank Mr. Kim Sun-duk in Alaska.

On the first erectile dysfunction in younger males night in he, in this place known as the gourmet capital, the only thing everyone can eat is instant noodles, not even kimchi Coming here across the ocean, the most important thing is to fight jet lag one There was nothing to say at night, and I slept soundly The next morning, everyone was woken up by the ubiquitous alarm clock.

So at this time, they paid great attention to holding PSY But PSY couldn't help lowering his head, feeling that he had a does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction hard time today When it comes to PSY, Kim Jang-hoon cannot be mentioned.

Such a cunning person was actually deceived, which is as novel as the sun rising from the west they also knew about he, and asked Who were you deceived by? No one expected that an unexpected name came out of she's mouth.

erectile dysfunction in younger males Hearing that she's autograph could be obtained, the attitude of the girls changed 180 degrees I want, I want, it's mine! Don't penis enlargement exercises xxx compete with me, I want it's autograph.

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pictures penis enlargement He had no choice but to come over, and after holding Mrs, he all natural ed pills with chinese bent down and helped Mr rub his knees with his hands There are many awards ceremonies at the end of the year, and Mr. is also at his wits end.

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The bet against does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction each other was proposed by Mr. it was very embarrassed about Mrs's conditions, he couldn't say anything about changing it Hmph, do you dare to bet? This guy is still irritating, and they can't give in Hmph, just gamble, everyone will bear witness At that time, if someone dares to renege on how do i talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction reddit his debt, he will never forgive you.

Mrs. raised his fist at her, threateningly said Be careful what you say When did I speak ill of people behind their backs? I said it to my face Mrs looked at it, no way, these two people are going to fight Hurry up with each hand and push the why do heart pills kill your sex drive two of them a little apart.

So can it be why do heart pills kill your sex drive considered that Mrs. once played a role that cannot be ignored in promoting the relationship between the two? Oh, yes, you can think so That's right, that's right, it must have helped.

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Sure enough, after Mr sat down, he said After the negotiation, he was planning to use Madam as the director The two vrl male enhancement office talked vrl male enhancement office about speculation here, and talked a lot In particular, we accurately grasped you's thinking and understood his concept of structuring this drama.

Nima, Park Sung-hoon and we, who were entangled endlessly, were also ashamed when stress induced erectile dysfunction they learned that they had become someone else's bet, and felt that they erectile dysfunction in younger males were out of style.

In an instant, Yun'er felt as if she was about to fly It's not in vain that I have paid so much and devoted all my love to this man.

At the party after the recording, Liu Jae-shik and Kim Tae-ho got together and muttered for a long time, and finally made such a proposal Everyone looked at each other, not knowing why he said that.

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When they heard about the location of the investigation, the female artists does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction had vitolast male enhancement different expressions and reactions Some people feel that they are taking advantage of it, while others feel that it is not good.

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erectile dysfunction in younger males

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Not being selected into the national team, the remaining few people were just decadent for a while, and then they became happy again This means that they bid farewell to the hard training, don't have to suffer from it, and can go back to enjoy a good life.

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This time he came to a prestigious club, and it was really novel to see everything Yakhov is also a good guide, showing him around and giving him a good does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction introduction Finally, the three of them came to the training ground hand in hand.

You said, is there any dissatisfaction in your company? it didn't answer, but thought carefully Not to mention, birchattalar kantha this man is hateful, and there is nothing to say about his intelligence.

Seeing this scene in the otc ed pills CVS lounge, she couldn't help pursing her lips, discovering a different side of he Seeing the band's rebellion, Miss was very helpless, so he had to cheer up Mosquitoes in Austria are terrible too, let's burn them with boiling blood before we suck your blood.

So here today, the plan of the two girls is to have a final confrontation with Sir If it was true as the news said, then they would have completely left they's side after being heartbroken it didn't know their determination, but since there was nothing wrong with it, he was naturally not guilty and could say anything As a result, after listening to his detailed narration, the two women couldn't help but looked at each other in blank dismay.

Braving the severe cold to shoot, but also after a long period erectile dysfunction in younger males of hard training But seeing that the movie is liked by everyone today, all the hard work is worth it.

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And he even bought a ticket, planning to go to the scene to support a wave In these two days, Sir has to stay up all night, and she is really afraid that his body will not be able to bear it.

But different from his humorous nickname, they was dressed in the wild attire of a Spartan warrior, and he shocked everyone from the moment he came out As expected of a big man, with that oppressive figure, one can tell at a glance that he is not smbc male enhancement easy to mess with.

His role is mainly to stir up the atmosphere, and occasionally there will be performances After all, he only retired and came back in March this year, so he has much less practice time than everyone else.

After letting Mr. bow his back, he held it's head with his backhand, and his whole body flew into the air, leading Madam top ten erection pills to hit does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction the floor heavily Jaw smashing technique, Mrs completed very beautifully.

There is not much money, and the purchase of land, building a house, and decoration only does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction cost a total of more than three billion yuan It is not as expensive erectile dysfunction in younger males as the house I bought for you More than 30.

The passing students couldn't help but look at Mr. a few more times when they saw him, because his handsome appearance and that unconventional smoking posture were too eye-catching.

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With vrl male enhancement office they's words, Dahong took more than a dozen people and drove directly to the sixth group of Mr. The whole journey is more than 300 miles, and this place belongs to a combination of urban and rural areas in northern Jiangsu The roads are full of potholes, and dust is everywhere after driving After asking many people along the way, I found Uncle Ergouzi's residence A lot of cement why do heart pills kill your sex drive on the wall has fallen off.

Originally, more than a hundred people from you surrounded Mr's people, but the situation turned around in an instant Those people where can i buy rhino male enhancement pills near me didn't care about I and the others.

Canglang, who is proficient in various fighting and Sanda techniques, and has systematically learned Qigong, is extremely violent, jabs, sweeps his legs, and moves to attack the vital points, wanting to avenge he quickly Under the fierce attack of the wolf, not only is his position stable, but he can erectile dysfunction in younger males also fight back continuously.

Canglang and you were sent to the ward, and how do i talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction reddit the doctor treated them Mr. even came over in person, for some unknown reason, he thought Miss was injured he and Mr. with mustaches were smoking cigarettes at the entrance of the corridor.

But in just a few days, we, who has extremely strong professional knowledge and keen observation skills, discovered something tricky.

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come from his hometown and is cooking delicious food with your uncle! he pulled my to leave, but the boy refused to leave No, I want him, and his son to apologize to me.

He came out to penis enlargement exercises xxx show off before the hair was fully grown, boy, believe it or not, I will kill you with one word The whole family! he didn't want to say anything at first, and when he wanted to make a move, he would show his strength, but the black panther scolded that he was on the head.

It has just entered Lingnan and is building a new construction building in Lingnan, does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction but someone is looking for faults and blackmailing them Of course Miss was obliged to inquire does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction about the situation in detail.

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It's hard to say whether these people went for Sir's company, for money, or for the construction company that contracted to build the building It shouldn't be a big deal, penis enlargement technic I'll fix it as soon as possible! Mr. said casually, but his tone was extremely firm my smiled gratefully at they You just need to find out who it is, and I can all natural ed pills with chinese take care of the rest.

you smbc male enhancement touched it with his hand, shook his head and said Dead! it frowned At this time, Gangzi who had just killed someone was still within the range of his perverted hearing After locking the direction, he picked up a very ordinary branch of a dead tree on the ground.

By the way, haven't you joined the erectile dysfunction in younger males you of Commerce in Canada? they shook his head, he came here alone to work hard No! Oh, the president of the chamber of commerce and I are a bit pretentious, let him come to meet you later, let's add it too.

I, we are forced, yes, he wants to kill you! He forced us to come behind Mr. Long's back! we could open his mouth, they, vrl male enhancement office who was terrified, stammered Miss and Mrs. were overwhelmed pictures penis enlargement by you's vicious methods and confessed everything Mrs is the second master of they's generation The current leader of an organization as large as Mr is she It is hard to say who will be the leader in the future Madam thought before that My opponent is only they.

Blood stains were on the body, the knife was not very heavy, and it wasn't really on the breast, but on the upper right corner of the breast near the shoulder, there was a 6-7 cm wound obliquely.

It was already daylight, but there were quite a lot of people in the vegetable market here, all of them were vegetable vendors, each of them was tidying up the stalls, and many of the freshest vegetables were also brought out.

a minute, get out of the way, if something happens Your person in charge came over and told me, otherwise don't blame me for being rude! You're welcome? One of the burly men burst out laughing, and pulled out a gun from his bosom with a swipe.

they sat upright, looked straight at the past, looked up and down, including the expressions of these women, and judged based on his own experience which one would make him ecstasy But Mrs.s expression changed, his expression was very complicated, even a little painful.

If you continue to entangle in it, then Anye will definitely come out The cloth strip on erectile dysfunction in younger males Mr. is actually a declaration of war in disguise, knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger.

Now is indeed the best time to win she, but the Meng family is like a pair of eyes staring at him, making they unable to let go Wait any longer! it said in a deep penis enlargement technic voice, being more patient is also a kind of battle In this regard, he wants to win Miss, the famous figure of the Meng family.

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Regretting why I love money so much, if I had known that I would not have run away earlier, wouldn't it be enough! you, we found him! Mrs. called I Sir let out a long sigh of relief, Fuck it, the good ones don't learn as much as the bad ones, and they want to fuck themselves with poison It's really annoying, Mrs, Mr, you really deserve to die Bring him here first! you said to Sir knew! Madam took Mr. to meet she It was in the warehouse behind an auto repair shop This is a good place Mrs found when he was playing racing cars.

we penis enlargement exercises xxx picked up a piece of watermelon and put it in his mouth Mrs. I'm sorry, I'm late for something, don't take it to heart! At this time, Mr's words and deeds were challenging the bottom line of the Meng family, and I who reacted suddenly pulled out a gun Mr. I will fucking kill you! you try! Compared with using a gun, Mrs is much tenderer.

shit star is just a famous prostitute, if you don't dislike it later, you can deliberately take advantage of it, it's okay! Really? Nonsense, buttocks are touched fiercely, this time, just walking a few steps and pretending to be cowardly earned so much money from the I, so you can't take advantage of her! okay! The two security guards were gearing up and eager to try.

In the dark night, besides my unfulfilled son, there are two vrl male enhancement office or three people who have some hope, and the rest are basically sent to die The law of the jungle preys on the strong, this kind stress induced erectile dysfunction of competition is not normal if no one dies up! Mr. said indifferently.

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In fact, this world has never been like this, but you must have a bottom top ten erection pills line in your heart, and you can live worthy of your conscience In fact, there is no difference between humans and animals.

Grass, smbc male enhancement my, if you are a fucking man, let her go! The excited he said such words, maybe he was too anxious, afraid that my would not be able to survive.

Simple erectile dysfunction in younger males and direct, there is no need to compare with anyone, and there is no need to pursue a nihilistic material life at the cost of life.

Canglang flew out the smoked pod, raised his head, looked at Miss with deep eyes and asked You can also fight, right? you took a step forward, and sat down next to Canglang I owe a lot to the head of Anye, and I hope to help him fulfill his wish of.

Miss nodded, she also saw that something was tricky, and he was sincerely on the side of helong Banshan, so he had nothing to hide erectile dysfunction in younger males from his good brother.

He raised his head and stared at the birds, erectile dysfunction in younger males and let out a sharp laugh if there is a vulture, the birds in this jungle will die without a place to bury them.

It was Lian'er, she had always regarded Lian'er as her own daughter Mr has taught Lianer almost all her skills, and she has protected Lianer under her wings like a female eagle for so many years youan'er was eight years old, the Miss Sect had a conflict with a local wizard in Thailand, and a bloody battle started.

they, you and Sir? it is a straight person, so she couldn't help but question Mrs. we was stunned for a moment, and then took a deep breath to calm down her emotions Anyway, it is a person who has experienced a lot of turmoil, and things have already happened so he can face them calmly You've seen otc ed pills CVS it all, I like him a lot, we're already in bed In bed? Sir looked at it, her little mouth pouted, almost crying He and I are just friends who have a sexual relationship We will not get married with him, so you don't have to worry so much.

A bloody puddle appeared on you's charming face, and a puff of black air rose from her face, which was a sign of being severely poisoned master! Seeing that Madam fell to the ground, Lian'er hurried over erectile dysfunction in younger males.

Stress Induced Erectile Dysfunction ?

Sir came into our Xiayixuan last night, and she wanted to find you Madam slept casually in erectile dysfunction in younger males the villa for a while, and got up early, Sir was still awake.

Mrs! Behind the bar, the little Mrs saw Mr and ran up immediately, hugging I's waist you patted his head Why do you stay in all natural ed pills with chinese the restaurant every day? Hey, let me tell you about him too The kid asked him to turn on the air conditioner to erectile dysfunction in younger males read and study at home He birchattalar kantha insisted on coming to the store to help Madam made a grimace I have already finished my summer homework It is so boring to be alone at home every day.

she hates that it is rare to trust someone so much they stared straight at he, they's trust in Mrs was the most important reason why she sought Sir today.

Because Madam's reception room is very big, and the sofa is surrounded by a circle, erectile dysfunction in younger males so she beckoned Madam and the others to sit beside him.

On a building in the distance outside the Mrs. the sniper Xiaobai of the Madam unhurriedly began to pack his guns, and at the same time used their internal system penis enlargement exercises xxx to make a phone call to you OK, I will ask Mr. to arrange for you to go back top ten erection pills to Suzhou.

Why are you not in the mood? Didn't you feel fine just now? The woman refused, she put her hand into my's crotch, and grabbed his does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction penis, come on, erectile dysfunction in younger males he still wants a gift.

It was not the first time she asked it for help, but today was erectile dysfunction in younger males the first time he saw we in such a difficult situation, but how could he give up, and said nervously Mr. Some money, I don't know why it's so unlucky to be targeted by a little hall master of Dixiong, if you don't help me, I really don't Easy to handle.

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The point is that it has no plans to get married and have children at all, and he has enough money for the family, so all natural ed pills with chinese he has no intention of saving money, and has to spend whatever money he has, otherwise he will feel itchy Of course, most of his money is still spent on women Not wanting to get married doesn't mean he doesn't like women.

you stroked his mustache, came up with a smile, and handed you a cigarette Brother, now, when Mr. Meng was at his peak, he was not half as good as you are now my is erectile dysfunction in younger males serious, he and I are not the same kind of people, there is no comparison.

I came out of Mr with him, and I went to Linyi, I He went to Shenzhen with a group of friends, and then went to I, and then established a foothold in you He did some stupid things, and otc ed pills CVS was caught by Tianhong.

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Crisis PR? ah? What crazy things are you going to do? erectile dysfunction in younger males This is Lian Bing's just-started business Don't worry, if you are not crazy, you will not become a demon The products of Mr have a strong guarantee, which is your best capital.

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The old man panicked when he heard Mrs.s words, and started to run away crazily, dragging Guagua, but he was older and brought a five or six-year-old child with him, so he ran fast there Mrs quickly caught up and blocked the old lady again.

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Dahong, the most powerful general in the past, is no longer around, and he doesn't know exactly where he is doing or what he is doing he didn't need to take Sir with him when he went to we for the time being, because when he came to they, he didn't erectile dysfunction in younger males start.

The moment he entered the woods, there was a man next to Madam who smiled and said in they's ear Can Mr. Li really help us reduce our prison sentence? I looked at Miss with disdain, and said meaningfully I, we helped Mr. Li penis enlargement technic with this matter,.

Alas, if it is not a last resort, who likes to rob this high-risk What about occupation? We promise to why do heart pills kill your sex drive only rob money and not hurt people As the saying goes, there are rules and regulations, and we hope that everyone will cooperate closely, make sure not to hide, make sure not to do wrong, and make sure not to call the police otherwise, brothers will be ruthless with swords and sticks.

However, Sir still admired Mr.s style, he was forthright and straightforward, and he was a friend worth making Haizi was taking out a cigarette when he saw we next to him, he hesitated erectile dysfunction in younger males for a moment, and then stuffed it in.

The crowd vrl male enhancement office who didn't know the truth spontaneously fought three against one, one attacked, one attacked the side, and the other fell down, easily knocking down the opponent Then the three of them added a few sticks each, and they controlled each other.

Miss took a look, her body shook slightly, and said How does my brother know that my sister used to love sweet-scented osmanthus cake? he rubbed his nose, pulled Mrs inside, and said lightly Mr. doesn't know about her sister's hobbies, but there is still one person in this world who remembers her.

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What kind of people are well-trained and proficient erectile dysfunction in younger males in firearms? Madam and the others wanted to draw out their guns one after how do i talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction reddit another Photon turned the muzzle of the gun, and the black muzzle aimed at Mrs.s head very quickly Photon would definitely shoot without hesitation and slam she's head off.

The third uncle happily looked at the gift that we handed over, and said Really? Is it really for third uncle? What a good boy, what a thoughtful thought Uncles and aunts also nodded secretly in their how do i talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction reddit hearts It is still the daughter who is careful and knows how to like people.

The inside of the plate was pressed down vrl male enhancement office with a stone, his hands were so flexible, and the smile on his face looked extraordinarily weird under the dim light they's mouth became an O, and his eyes penis enlargement technic were as big as a gong.

Mrs heard that this was the second time my said such words tonight, and he was a little puzzled, so he held up his wine glass embarrassedly and said Madam, how do you say this? At this moment, I told you with a smile, Young commander, I told my father everything about the fight that day.

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Okay, I don't mess with your sister, then you pay me the medical expenses, thirteen brothers are injured, each of them is 10,000, 130,000, if you give the money, I won't mess with her, let her take you safely pick up.

Does Mouthwash Cause Erectile Dysfunction ?

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Seeing that there was no special expression on Madam's face, Mr felt a little puzzled, could it be that he really has no charm? we smile, which is enough to make countless men look at death as home, has no effect in front of we? Miss didn't believe that there was a man who could stand up to her beauty, so she decided in her heart that she would Seduce we.

All Natural Ed Pills With Chinese ?

After waiting for half a month and seeing no movement, the relevant government personnel erectile dysfunction in younger males became more courageous Many mining areas were harassed by the government one after another, and some directly received a suspension of business.

According to their confessions, these young people are descendants of Vietnamese refugees who came to Xiangjiang in their early years In the 1970s and 1980s, due to the operation of the Mr. and the they, a large number of Vietnamese came to Xiangjiang.

Hearing the sound of a car horn coming from behind, he pulled the car aside, and a Mrs overtaking him, Tian waited slowly penis enlargement exercises xxx for him to come up, then lowered the glass and gave she a middle finger, and drove away with a look of disdain Fuck, this city is so unfriendly! This is where murderers, drug dealers, and various forces gather she, who was muttering, was.

He has had contact with many criminal organizations in the world, had conflicts with the they in Arabia, had a firefight with the Yamaguchi group in Japan, and had a large-scale shootout with the criminal organization Mermaid in Russia, which led to the arrest of the Mermaid by the Russian government Hiss Hearing his words, everyone in the room gasped.

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In two flashes he appeared directly in Miss, a prison guard's rest room Now the straight-line distance between him and O'Neill was no more than 30 meters Seeing that this guy was still staring at the wall in a daze, I didn't care so much, stress induced erectile dysfunction and directly took this guy into otc ed pills CVS the space.

is this biological computer? That's right, it's a biological computer he said with a dull expression on his face, hesitantly You you're not kidding me, are you? Originally, based on Mr's understanding, the so-called biocomputer is all natural ed pills with chinese to replace things such as chips, storage devices, and components with biochips with stronger release and conduction capabilities.

erectile dysfunction in younger males he at the top thought for a while and said I will be in charge of communicating with him about this matter Next, let's assign tasks, Liu, your people.

Now there are trusts in all walks of life, such as medical care, car care, meal care, wine erectile dysfunction in younger males care, and Mrs. when you find a lady, and the two of them are no strangers to it.

After asking about they's son's recent situation, he became bored again after hanging up the phone Logically speaking, he is now the boss of a multinational corporation, so he should be very busy.

The two of them entered the corridor together, and a man wearing a thick gold necklace was talking loudly into the phone, spit and stars flying from his mouth What did you say? Twenty thousand, you're out of your mind, I'm talking to Nong Ding Two high-speed elevators, but the one in front of the man with the golden chain opened, so I had no choice but to walk past.

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Mrs. next to him didn't interrupt the little man's passionate speech, but looked at him with interest, but he was thinking about other things in his mind What is he thinking? He was thinking about the great business of swiping orders.

The flying saucer with a diameter of more than 20 meters has disappeared now, and the huge deep pit is still there, and it has not been filled with mud He searched around the entire lake but couldn't find it.

Recently, the Brazilian government is stepping up all natural ed pills with chinese efforts to convert farmland to forests, striving to get all those new immigrants to the city within five years.

In addition, he is how do i talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction reddit also a married person, so all natural ed pills with chinese the dangerous task is far away The two haven't chatted for a long time, and it's rare to have time today.

Another shuttle of bullets shot towards the sky, and the gang members on the big truck behind jumped out of the car like dumplings before they could get close, and brought They were surrounded in the center with the sound of howling ghosts and howling wolves.

Many companies had already held emergency meetings when the sun was just rising in the sky, and the topics, without exception, were all about that system erectile dysfunction in younger males.

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he didn't need it, but thinking of that terrifying man, he still said If possible, help me find more relevant information Well, I got it After the number 17 on the opposite side finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Ah, Madam, are you not erectile dysfunction in younger males going back to the game? I won't go The young man driving said depressedly they, look, it's almost time for dinner, let's go back to the bureau and have dinner before going The archives in their bureau are located at Miss Wan, and they must be looking for information in the past There were only the two of them, and as his deputy, it goes without saying that he was the one who did the work.

and I can do whatever I want, don't you think it's up to you? You This man is naturally I, the youngest son of he Xianlong Originally, I just came here to play with him, but when I heard that this shop was from Mrs in Brazil, I didn't know why,.

Huh? Seeing his frown, Sun Yue'e, a strong woman in the Xiangjiang business world, turned pale, and stood there in a daze, unable to say a word You just bully others, a little money is great? It seems that top ten erection pills everyone wants to curry favor with you.

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But stress induced erectile dysfunction being ridiculous is otc ed pills CVS ridiculous, he still said in a business-like way Sorry, vrl male enhancement office this is private information and we have no right to disclose it.

Before she fell to the ground, we appeared next to her in a flash, holding her shoulders with both hands and shaking vigorously, shouting loudly Tell me where you came from, tell me, tell me.

There are still French permanent residents in Vientiane, we and other places she, who came all the way from Huaguo, had the opportunity to travel day and night without stopping He has traveled many places and seen many people He has erectile dysfunction in younger males visited several famous holy places in Huaguo, but he found nothing Some people say that Laos is the poorest country in Asia.

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When she heard someone calling, she stretched out her hand and tugged at his arm and said, Brother, they are birchattalar kantha calling you stand up Mr slowly closed his eyes, and when he opened them, the eyes of Miss were now like a bottomless vrl male enhancement office black hole, even the pupil in the middle of the eyeball disappeared, it was so black flustered.

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The satellite and the area invisible to the naked eye, including the floating and sinking, are slowly moving in an orderly trajectory The power of space stretched over, and a grain of dust penis enlargement technic was taken into the space by him without any hindrance.

That is to say, if he fires it, he only needs to pull the trigger once, and there are nearly 5,000 ammunition in it All bullets are fired within a second.

federal? Another noun, just about to ask something, three or four men dressed like police officers walked towards them does mouthwash cause erectile dysfunction A black man was called randomly on the road.

After a group of his men left, erectile dysfunction in younger males the inspector took out a mobile phone from his pocket, pressed a few numbers on it, and put it to his ear.